Tools (Apps) to have for quality Instagram posting

We have all heard of Instagram. One of newest and rapidly growing social network which is getting more and more popular every day. To stick out between huge audience and show your quality, you need to have tools by side which will help your photos and videos to look more professional.
But be aware there are dangerous applications too which can steal your password, such as Instagram hack app from Xprogramming is. These ones can just be binded in some “legit” looking apps. So always make sure to check out feedback page before installing any app which is not that well known.

We have made a little effort and found you a best apps for iOS and Android devices which will help your Instagram media files to look better. Follow and learn (If you don’t know for these already 🙂

No Crop
NoCropThis app will help you to upload full sized photos to your Instagram profile, instead of adding a ‘squared’ ones which Instagram force you to add when uploading image to a feed. NoCrop can add white spaces on sides or top/bottom of images which will make them look wider/longer like full sized to your followers.

NoCrop for iOS


Video Crop
VidepCropLike crop tool for images, there is one for vlogs as well. This simple and powerful app will do it’s job when it comes to resizing your video and selecting a right path which will get shown on Instagram. You can even zoom inside a large resolution videos and choose area which interests you to post.

Notepad tool (Already included in every mobile phone)
NotesThis will be just for pre-adding text which you gonna add either to your Instagram bio or image/video descriptions. Why first add text here? Because if you immediately add if to Instagram and if it’s gonna be larger one, you can’t select New line option. If you ask me that’s one big mistake for IG for not allowing this, but OK. This is solution to fix it.

That’s it guys. If you can recommend some more useful apps like these which can make using Instagram experience better feel free to post your thoughts in comments below!