Collect & Organize Your eBooks Inside Mobile App – Libby

Libby eBook Mobile AppLibby has been around for a while now. The latest update of the app brings a whole slew of new features, and we are going to talk a bit about a few of them. The reader has an improved interface with single tap maneuverability that makes the user feel experienced even if they are using the utility for the first time. If you are into audio-books, Libby is right up your alley too. The app now has an adjustable playback speed that allows you to choose the best option adjusted to your understanding. Fast learners can go over an audiobook three times faster than usual.

Display Options and Underlined Texts

As for display options, you are now able to see how long you have before finishing each chapter on your books. You can also track the percentage of the book you have read to near completion. A single tap will tell even the page number you are in. An extra tap will reveal the rest of the stats. For audiobooks, you will be able to determine how many time remaining you have in a single chapter as well as the full extension of the book. If you want to check underlined texts, you are now able to do so and sort them out in any order you prefer. The filter option available on this feature allows you to find specific keywords as well, so it’s pretty useful!

Tags, Tracking and Previews

If you organize the content of a paper or a book by using a tag system, you are in luck. Libby allows you to keep track of tags by following titles you have read, are in the process of reading, or expect to read. You can add as many tags as you need and even create your own system if you need to. If you want to keep better track of the titles you have read Libby uses a system of reversible covers to show the books you have read. If you’re going to sample a paid option, Libby allows you access to 10% of the content of the book with a single tap. There is no time limit to this feature, so you can keep as many books as you want on hold.

Upcoming Releases and Customization

As for keeping track of any future release on your interest, Libby can help you out with that too now. The “waitlist” is a feature that can be activated once a book is announced. If you are looking for a book that is not available on the platform, you can always write down the option on the waitlist and wait for it to be available on the platform. The app will shoot an alarm once it becomes available. You can manage your reading settings as well with a new night mode or sepia tones for the background of your reading screen. You can also control the font type as well as the size of it to make sure your reading experience is suitable for your tastes.